Mechanical Code and Safety Inspections

Mechanical Inspections for Government Sub-Divisions

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Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical Code Inspections for 13 Jurisdictions in Southwest Michigan

Mechanical Plan Reviews

Mechanical Plan Reviews are required for all commercial projects and some residential homes.  I provide such service for the Jurisdiction I inspect.

Inspections for Insurance companies, sellers, buyers, rental properties.

Private inspections

Inspections for Insurance companies ( Wood stoves, Fireplaces), buyers, and sellers.  I do not inspect for holes in combustions chambers or chimney interiors.

FAQ Common questions about installations and permits

Comments for Contractors or Homeowners about code alerts and changes in the Mechanical Code

Additional Information

 The primary reason for this site is to provide you with copies of Mechanical Applications online. Just open and print. There are no provisions for entering data on line and no way to accept payment online. Please mail or take in person to the jurisdiction office (some jurisdictions only will re-mail them to me so you may as well mail applications to me) as instructed on the application. Checks made to jurisdictions please. 


Our rates have increased, due to higher cost of doing business.  The State of Michigan has also increased their rates and added a required fee for rough in inspections for most of their building permits. We have not required an additional fee except for underground and additional needed inspections.

Please double check that the jurisdiction is correct.  The application fee is not refundable. The actual location of the job may not be the mailing address.  Check!!

 These are the correct and current applications.